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Who do we help?


Food Banks

We work closely to support food banks to ensure that all of our donations reach those in the community who need our help the most. The majority of our food donations go to food banks, who are then able to provide pet food to anyone accessing their centres.

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Community Centres

We also are happy to support local community centres who give back to their local and wider communities. Many of these centres know of the individuals in their area who need help the most, and are able to provide pet food to anyone they know that is in need.

Image by Kate Stone Matheson

Small Animal Charities

Where we can, we like to give back to smaller charities. If we have excess food, items we cannot use or if we simply know of a small rescue that is struggling we try to help and give back where we can. 

So far we have donated to;
Pet Samaritans ᛫ Friends of Ferals ᛫
Cat-Ching ᛫ Save a Stray ᛫ Marley's Ferret Rescue ᛫ Thornberry Animal Sanctuary ᛫ Helping Yorkshire Poundies ᛫ Sturton-upon-Stow ᛫ Bedlam Wildlife Rescue ᛫ 

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Salvation Army

By working alongside our local Salvation Army centres, we are able to support vulnerable people in the community who access them for help and support.

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Private Referrals

As our name is spreading, more referrals are coming through from social workers and other professionals who are aware of clients with additional needs that are unable to directly access food banks due to disability.

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Self Referral

As we are growing, Your Pet Food Bank has launched a "drop in hub" for people to access temporary relief without the need to be referred by a professional. People can drop in, fill out a form and receive an emergency pet food parcel. 

Who We Help: Meet the Team
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